Friday, 9 January 2015

Side Project

I really like the Ever After High line of dolls (as does my brood), and slowly but surely, I'm accumulating the signature dolls for my collection.  Which means that some of them only get picked up when they are on sale.  So far, this is who I have:

My Rebels
My Royals
Everyone so far

I've been reading, with interest, who is supposed to be released in the coming year.  I'm disappointed that Daring and Hopper won't be part of the line up, but I'm excited most about Alistair, Faybelle, Rosabella and Darling.

Before pictures of Darling were released, I was wondering whether or not I could make my own....I have some nice fabric scraps that could make a cute outfit, although the shoes might be a challenge.  Number 3 of the brood and I were discussing what Darling might look like, since at best all we knew was that she had white blonde hair and blue eyes.  I figured that I might be able to fashion one using a Getting Fairest Apple (which I didn't have).  And then, they went on sale.....

So, long story short, I purchased the Getting Fairest Apple for my project.  And then, I bought the rest of the line, because, you know, I needed a Madeline Hatter that didn't have gloves on, and Briar Beauty still reminds me of Clara Oswald (and perhaps that will be another project one day).  I had already purchased a Getting Fairest Raven Queen at an earlier sale, because I felt guilty leaving her all alone on the shelf.  And happily, I didn't pay full price for any of them.  Anyway, I didn't take a picture of Apple when I got her - pictures of that doll can be found all over the Internet  like here.

I did not look at any of the Ever After High videos to try and guess which character Darling would be.  Based on what information was available from the books, I imagined her with bangs (a fringe).  So I rolled up that front wave (that goes to her right) over night, and then trimmed it.  It was about that time that the cover art for "A Semi-Charming Life" came out...and Darling doesn't have bangs.  Oh, well.  I contemplated how best to create the high hairstyle without a) re-rooting or b) glue or gel of some kind.  And in playing around with her hair, I came up with this:

Her bangs are swept off to the side at the moment

[As a side note, I should add that the reason Raven is not in the above picture is because my Dexter has claimed her.  I have the signature Raven as well, but Dex has clicked with Getting Fairest Raven, so those two are together constantly.]

Similar to Ashlynn Ella's pumpkin hairdo, she's turned out kind of cute.  I also contemplated re-doing her eyes, but I'm not confident that I would get them to turn out that well.  But she needed something done to be able to slow down time.  This is what I came up with:

False eyelashes!  I tested first on a spare signature Apple (that I have for such purposes), then decided it would probably work for my home-made Darling.  Please excuse the strands of hair - my brood can't resist running off with her.  The eyelashes, by the way, came from Dollarama, and I used Aleene's Original Tacky Glue to apply them.

Now, I just need to create an outfit; something very feminine, of course!


  1. Hi, so far your "project" looks beautiful, I'm looking forward for the outfit (I like her hairdo a lot!)

  2. Thank you BIlla! I've been pleasantly surprised by how well this has turned out myself. I got some patterns from Requiem Art over the holidays ( and now I need to make time to try them....which is one of my resolutions for this year!

  3. Hi! Have you seen the photos of Darling that leaked from Mattel? I think you really caught the spirit of her. Actually, I think some of your ideas are even better - an updo and a fringe suit her very nicely.