Thursday, 31 July 2014

My apologies.....

So, it was my intention to post more regularly than this, and in truth, I have a couple of posts that I am working on (but am not yet satisfied with, so I keep re-writing them), and more ideas in the works, but July has been a busy month.  I should not be surprised by this - July has always been a busy month for me - and yet, it is the end of the month, and I'm scratching my head wondering what has happened.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a discovery that one of my brood made.  Please note that the pictures that appear in this post are taken by this young one.

In our house, there are a number of doll lovers.  We are currently quite happy with the Ever After High dolls, but our favourites (of the modern dolls) are Spin Master's Liv dolls.  Of course, there are also Monster High, Bratzillaz, Moxie Teenz, Disney Fairies and some of the Pullip dolls are really wonderful.  I also really liked the My Scene and Wee Three Friends dolls when they were available.

Getting back to the main reason for this post, however, a discovery that was made.  I like the outfits that the Ever After High girls wear, but they are limited to what they come dressed in, unless you're handy with a needle and thread, and can work with really tiny pattern pieces.

In an attempt to get around this, here is what was placed before me:

EAH Madeline Hatter
I recognised the outfit right away, but for those that may not, it comes from the Tommy doll that was part of the Kelly and Tommy as Alice and the Mad Hatter set from Mattel some years back (I believe it was part of the Storybook Collection).

Maddie giving upside down posing a try

I had to admit, she looked pretty cute in her borrowed duds.  I would never have occurred to me to put her in Kelly sized clothing.

Um, I didn't expect that either

Just a short post to share, until I get the others done.